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Restorative Dentistry:

  • Dental Implants
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • TMJ Treatment
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry:

  • Same-Day Crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Bonding
  • Gum Contouring
  • Invisalign
  • Smile Design

General Dentistry:

  • Hygiene
  • Sports & Mouthguards
  • Children’s Dentistry
dr. haerter is committed to keeping your mouth healthy

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The basalt difference

Basalt dentist Dr. Haerter has implemented incredible tools to make your experience a comfortable one. Some of those technologies include:

  • CEREC same-day crowns
  • Clear braces (Invisalign)
  • Painless lasers (Picasso soft-tissue laser)
  • Diagnodent cavity detection
  • Eco-friendly dentistry
  • Digital x-rays
  • K-7 neuromuscular dentistry
  • Intra-oral camera
  • Leica Dental Surgery Microscope


Using advanced Basalt cosmetic dentistry techniques, Dr. Jonathan Haerter can refine a smile to capture one’s natural charisma, aesthetics, and youthfulness.


You can find all of that at Basalt Dentistry. With a comprehensive approach, Dr. Haerter has the skills and training to improve your quality of life.

High-end Services

From family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Haerter offers a vast range of dental services to improve your quality of life.

Resort Office

We believe a trip to the dentist should be as pleasant and efficient as possible. Basalt Dentistry will feel more like a spa getaway.

Modern Technology

We’re giving modern dentistry a new name. Using the best technologies, even the most fearful patient will be excited to go to the dentist.


Cosmetic dentistry

Would you like to straighten your smile without the inconvenience of metal braces? Straighten your smile the modern way with Invisalign! Dr. Jonathan Haerter is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign in Aspen, CO, meaning he is the quintessential Aspen area dentist for clear orthodontic therapy.

Clear, removable Invisalign aligners feel smoother, look completely natural, and let you eat and maintain dental hygiene normally. Our patients love that Invisalign aligners are usually unnoticeable, even during close conversation.

Nothing is more important to us than your smile. As your partner in Aspen cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Haerter is dedicated to providing an excellent patient experience.

A picture-perfect smile can be yours with porcelain veneers from Dr. Jonathan Haerter. Veneers are ultra-thin, beautiful porcelain shells that are customized to deliver a stunning, yet natural, smile.

To create the best veneers for you, Dr. Haerter considers:

  • Your smile desires
  • The shape of your teeth
  • Tooth length
  • Coloring – skin, hair, eyes
  • Age and maturity
  • Level of lightness preferred

After carefully considering these characteristics, your Aspen cosmetic dentist works with a distinguished dental laboratory, so your veneers are fabricated with the most precise attention to detail. Another great option is a CEREC veneer, which can be completed on one or two teeth in just one dental visit!

Achieve a sparkling, bright smile that rivals the sunny Aspen slopes with our effective and completely safe teeth whitening. Tooth discoloration naturally occurs with age, consumption of highly pigmented foods and beverages, and certain medication usage.

To bring out the vibrant sheen of your teeth, Dr. Haerter offers in-office teeth whitening and an at-home system. Zoom! Teeth Whitening can brighten your smile in just about 90 minutes at our cosmetic dentistry office. For patients who would rather whiten a little bit each day from home, Dr. Haerter offers Day White Excel – a system with custom trays, gels, and an easy-to-follow whitening regimen. With proper usage, our patients usually get the best results in 7-10 days.

Obtaining your dream smile is possible thanks to Smile Design, which is the process of creating your ideal smile through various dental services.

Using the combination of science and artistry, Dr. Haerter plans your smile makeover by evaluating your personal characteristics such as:

  • Eye shape
  • Lips
  • Personality
  • Skin color
  • And much more

This evaluation ensures your smile complements you – and no one else. It’s a smile that’ll truly be yours. From there, Dr. Haerter will use a combination of cosmetic services that could involve (but not limited to):

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental Implants

Schedule a complimentary consultation at Basalt Dentistry.

Porcelain bonding is a conservative and affordable cosmetic treatment that can hide most smile flaws. It reshapes teeth, closes gaps, and fixes tooth chips with material directly applied to the teeth.

While it is more affordable than most cosmetic dentistry procedures, bonding isn’t as durable than veneers and will require regular maintenance.

Do you suffer from the dreaded ‘gummy smile?’ Using our soft tissue laser, Dr. Haerter can sculpt your gums evenly to create that perfect balance. Gum Contouring is safe, pain-free, and has a quick recovery time. Contact Dr. Haerter to see if gum contouring is right for you.

Did you know how your children swallows could affect their overall and oral health? It can even impact the way they look and speak! According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, orofacial myofunctional disorders occurs when the tongue swells amid swallowing, speaking and even when at rest, which affects its form and the function of your mouth. In turn, this can create:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Thumb sucking
  • Speech problems
  • Mouth breathing
  • Sleep apnea

However, there is way to prevent this from happening with orofacial myofunctional therapy, which focuses on exercising mouth and facial muscles to correct its form and the way your child swallows.

It’s important to take action before this dysfunction gets worst. Why? Because, it can have a devastating effect on your child’s oral health, including bite problems and being more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. At Basalt Dentistry, we customize your child’s therapy based on his or her needs. Get in touch with us today to get your child an evaluation and see what steps are needed to ensure your child lives a happy and healthy life.

Getting a crown in Aspen, CO is more convenient than ever with our CEREC same-day crowns technology!

Dr. Haerter uses the CEREC machine to digitally scan your tooth. Then the advanced 3D CAD CAM technology mills your crown out of beautiful and natural-looking porcelain–all in one visit!

  • No more wearing temporaries
  • No more second appointments
  • Smile with confidence faster

The first step is prepping your infected tooth by preserving your tooth structure and removing infections. We take digital impressions of your tooth and start designing your crown with 3D technology. This is where the magic happens. The CEREC machine takes your impressions and crafts the crown. Dr. Haerter places your beautiful crown, and you walk out of our office with a beautiful smile.

Basalt Dentistry CEREC Crown Advantages

Best in the Business

Dr. Haerter has been providing CEREC since 2004 and continues to be on the forefront of the latest CEREC technology (including Sirona Omni Cam) in Colorado.

Fits in Your Schedule

You won’t need to wear uncomfortable temporaries or juggle your schedule. With CEREC, your same-day crown in Basalt will be crafted in one appointment.

A Durable Fit

With CEREC, the natural tooth anatomy is replicated. The all-porcelain material offers natural aesthetics to match your teeth and reinforces a strong bite.

Comfort for You

With our advanced CEREC technology, you don’t have to worry about messy impression material or multiple injections during your procedure.


general and restorative dentistry

Colorado dentists agree: Proper dental hygiene, including regular professional cleanings, are the key to a healthy, happy smile. A hygiene appointment is more than cleaning your teeth – it’s an oral wellness exam.

Every hygienist in our practice has at least a decade of experience, plus they have some of the most advanced dental technology (such as a soft-tissue laser to treat periodontal infection) at their fingertips.

What can you expect at your hygiene exam?

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal risk assessment
  • Your health history summary
  • Full dental charting
  • Full dental cleaning and polishing
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Oral product recommendations

This in-depth exam allows us to see the whole picture – not just your teeth. Why? Your oral health is directly connected to overall health. Oral disease such as periodontal disease can have devastating effects on your body, increasing your chance of heart disease, diabetes, and much more.

For more information on the link between oral wellness and a healthy heart, (referred to as the oral-systemic link or mouth-body connection), please see this article, The Link Between Gum Disease, Heart Attack, and Stroke.

A dental implant is the best way to restore natural function and appearance to a smile that has lost a tooth.

Dental implants let you:

  • Look and feel your best
  • Smile with pleasure
  • Enjoy your favorite foods with confidence
  • Retain your natural facial profile and bone health

As your partner in Aspen restorative dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Haerter restores dental implants after they have been surgically placed. For the placement, he works very closely (side-by-side, even) with his trusted periodontist or oral surgeon. This way, the doctors work together towards an ideal restoration: your new tooth!

Once you get your dental implant, you’ll have it for life! As long as you take care of your implant with proper hygiene and regularly see Dr. Haerter, your implant will last.

Anyone can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a healthy smile! If your teeth, smile, or bite have lost their initial stability, Dr. Jonathan Haerter can help. Full mouth reconstruction helps patients with older, failing dentistry or misaligned jaws that are no longer in harmony with their bodies.

Dr. Jonathan Haerter is among a very select group of dentists who have completed the full mouth reconstruction curriculum at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He has the knowledge, experience, and compassion to renew your healthy smile!

Treatment begins by restoring your bite and mouth’s function, which could include TMJ treatment, wearing a mouthguard, and gaining beautiful restorations. Once the bite is in harmony with your body, we’ll focus on the aesthetics of your smile, which could include veneers, teeth whitening, and so much more.

If you grind your teeth or play contact sports, your teeth need protection from themselves. Dr. Jonathan Haerter offers both sportsguards and night mouthguards to keep teeth in their optimum condition.


We offer Under Armour® brand sportsguards, for a performance-enhancing boost and professional dental protection. The sportsguards are made of high-quality materials that protect teeth from impact so that athletes can focus on their sport.


For patients with TMJ pain or the tendency to clench or grind, Dr. Haerter provides customized mouthguards. These mouthguards help teeth retain their surface structure while promoting a healthy bite. Dr. Haerter uses the TENS machine to provide soothing electrical stimulation to jaw muscles so that a relaxed position can be found. As such, our patients get more than just a bite guard! Our custom mouthguards are comfortable and made of the best materials.

Implementing effective, comfortable, and advanced technology for our patients is a hallmark at Basalt Dentistry. Dr. Haerter and his team have been trained to use laser dentistry for several cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Virtually painless, our soft tissue laser is used in several gentle, fast-healing gum treatments:

  • Bacterial reduction of gum pockets
  • Bacterial reduction during scaling and root planing
  • Reshaping unhealthy gum tissue
  • Treating aphthous ulcers
  • Cosmetic gum reshaping 

However, increased comfort for our patients is only one benefit of laser dentistry. Gums start the healing process while the laser is in use, and are fully healed within a day or two (unlike a week or more of recovery time with scalpel and suture methods). Plus, with years of experience and extensive laser training, Dr. Haerter makes your appointment quick and efficient!

We love seeing kids! To make sure little smiles stay healthy, we recommend a child’s first dental visit at about the age of two. The Basalt Dentistry team works hard to make a child’s introduction to dentistry a happy one.

How do we do this?

  • We have a treasure box for your kiddos after every visit.
  • Gentle treatment, age-appropriate communication make dentistry fun for children.
  • Kids who get a filling or an extraction also get a gift certificate to Larkburger for a free milkshake!
  • We offer sealants for children to seal out bacteria and avoid cavities.

Whether they’re in need of a filling or cleaning, we’ll make their dental visits fun.

Are you suffering from these symptoms?

  • Chronic headaches or migraines
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Tingling fingers
  • Cracking or popping in the jaw when chewing
  • Worn teeth
  • Facial, neck, and upper back pain

It could be signs of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), which is the condition of an unbalanced jaw joint. Dr. Jonathan Haerter is an expert at relieving an unbalanced temporomandibular joint.

Using noninvasive technologies, you can experience relief in no time. The TENS unit, or an occlusal guard, can have our patients feeling better than they have in months or years. After the facial muscles are relaxed with the electrical stimulation of the TENS unit, headaches often go away. 

Contact Basalt Dentistry today to experience the relief you deserve.

At Basalt Dentistry, we embrace technology, efficiency, and nature. We provide high-quality dental services with the best materials available while reducing waste wherever possible. To our Edwards dentist and his team, ‘green dentistry’ means we curb our carbon footprint in these ways:

  • Tooth-colored fillings – instead of mercury amalgam fillings reduce mercury and other heavy metals in the water system
  • Amalgam separation – While we do not place amalgam, we take special precautions when removing mercury amalgam fillings. We use special traps to filter pieces of these old fillings and keep them out of the public water supply. We dispose of the trapped amalgam with a company that recycles them.
  • Sanitation and sterilization – Rather than chemical sterilization of instruments, we use a hospital grade, steam-based sterilization technique with no toxic chemicals. Biodegradable, enzyme-based cleaners are used whenever possible. Our sterilization process is checked monthly using a third party to ensure all of our safety.
  • Digital dental charting, billing – We are chartless and paperless; your digital patient records are safely secured
    We use biocompatible dental materials
  • Digital X-rays – Expose you to 75-90% less radiation than traditional x-rays while reducing waste. This helps keep more than 4.8 million lead and 28 million liters of toxic
  • Energy efficient lighting

Feel good about your smile and your dental office! Call for an appointment with Basalt Dentistry today. 

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